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Based on the book by Neil Gaiman of the same name ben only takes a small role he plays Dunstan Thorn as a young man. Dunstan is Tristan Thorn (the main character played by Charlie Cox) father. The films follows Tristan journey in bringing a star back to a girl that he loves.


Ian McKellen ... Narrator (voice)
Ben Barnes ... Young Dunstan Thorn
Kate Magowan ... Slave Girl / Una
Melanie Hill ... Ditchwater Sal
Charlie Cox ... Tristan Thorn
Sienna Miller ... Victoria 
Henry Cavill ... Humphrey
Nathaniel Parker ... Dunstan Thorn
Peter O'Toole ... King
Mark Strong ... Septimus
Jason Flemyng ... Primus
Mark Heap ... Tertius
Rupert Everett ... Secundus
David Walliams ... Sextus
Julian Rhind-Tutt ... Quartus
Adam Buxton ... Quintus
Michelle Pfeiffer ... Lamia
Claire Danes ... Yvaine
Robert De Niro ... Captain Shakespeare
Ricky Gervais ... Ferdy the Fence

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