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A Ben Barnes Fansite

Ben Barnes is the actor who stars in Prince Caspian in the latest Narnia Film. He has also starred in Stardust, Bigga than Ben and on stage in The History Boys.
He was also in the group Hyrise.
Currently filming Easy Virtue.
This site brings the latest Ben Barnes news, Pictures, video and audio.

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Movie Surfers and More pics
For those that don't know there are 2 new Movie Surfers video's out there and you can download them on the video page. and view them on the youtube page.
I've screencapped the videos not the best in the world but still a few.
Movie Surfer's 2 screencap gallery here. Movie Surfer's 3 screencap gallery here.
There is also a interview on IGN Movie page. I'm working on loading it up and it show be up tomorrow.
Thanks to Ayaka at for letting me post 3 of her pictures from
comic con full sized version are in the gallery

Some more scanned pictures thanks to they are in the gallery
Posted on 25 Apr 2008 by tsaress
Prince Caspian and Bigga than Ben Caps and some new pictures.
Thanks to LoveyaBen I have replaced the Trailer 2 caps are her's we're miles better they are in the gallery
Thanks to Lonewolf who's made some more Bigga than Ben caps which I've loaded to the gallery
I have also rescreencapped Reez Interview so there is now over 250 caps here
I have also screencapped the longer version of the Access Hollywood first look
I came across some wallpapers at Samples below and I have loaded them in the gallery.
Posted on 24 Apr 2008 by tsaress
More videos Prince Caspian and Bigga than Ben screencaps
Well so much is going on I don't know where to start the new Trailer for Prince Caspian has come out and wow I so can't wait for the film.
I've uploaded the 2nd trailer and Newsarama Interview from Comiccon and TV spot 8 to
the video page they are also on the youtube page to watch.
I've changed the layout of the gallery and thanks to I've put up
Screencaps for TV Spot 5 and for the 2nd Trailer
There is a article about the Prince Caspian panel at comiccon here.
There is information and pictures about 2 new filmed scenes that will be in the games here and here I've put the pictures in the gallery here
I've uploaded more pictures to the scanned pictures album here
For those that we're not aware Bigga than Ben is due for release in the U.K in September and has currently been released in German on DVD you can buy it on amazon. I'm still waiting on my copy but the lovely Lonewolf from the forum has made a few screencaps samples below and the rest in the gallery

A friend of mine that lives in the U.S has kindly gone out and got me GQ even though she's not a Ben fan. She's scanned them for me samples below I've put them in the gallery
Posted on 23 Apr 2008 by tsaress
Loads of pictures
Have loaded lots of pictures thanks to I've created a new album for them they are scanned from various Japanese mags.
Gallery is here
Thanks to LoveyaBen who found a picture at She's also been a star and made some screencaps from the Educational Video which are in the gallery here Some samples of some of the pictures I've loaded up. Just click them to get to the bigger versions.

A couple of interviews from Japan yes you will need bablefish here and here.
I found a cute little site which has a load of pictures from a screening/talk that was done in Japan on 18th March here. Samples below and All the pictures are in the gallery here

Posted on 22 Apr 2008 by tsaress
New Layout and more pics
As you can tell I've put up a new layout I really was getting sick of blue and well I just had to use those new pics. I've put up some new pictures and still have a few different pics to load up as well but I'm just way too tired tonight promise I will tomorrow.
Anyway a big thanks to my friends at for a load of picture from comic con. I've updated the gallery

So I was thinking to myself I've been over doing it with the Prince Caspian. So I thought I would go searching and what do I come across but a picture from Easy Virtue I found it at I've put it in the gallery here
Posted on 21 Apr 2008 by tsaress

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