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A Ben Barnes Fansite

Ben Barnes is the actor who stars in Prince Caspian in the latest Narnia Film. He has also starred in Stardust, Bigga than Ben and on stage in The History Boys.
He was also in the group Hyrise.
Currently filming Easy Virtue.
This site brings the latest Ben Barnes news, Pictures, video and audio.

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New Part Rumour and more
Hi all
I know it's been a few days but I've been away today I'm going to just bring you a few pictures and some articles I have loads of videos to load but sorry no time to do that today I'm slowly loading. Server is a bit slow at the moment so it would help a great deal if those people linking pictures on they myspace would remove them thanks.
First big rumour only found one bit of informtion so far on it The Hollywood Reporter
"Ben Barnes, currently on screens as Prince Caspian, will lay down his sword after being cast to play Oscar Wilde's iconic character Dorian Gray in an adaptation of the author's novel, "The Picture of Dorian Gray."
Producer Barnaby Thompson and director Oliver Parker, who previously teamed to make "An Ideal Husband" and "The Importance of Being Earnest" and most recently co-directed "St. Trinian's" will make "Dorian Gray" at the end of July this year."
Also a couple of lines about it on Variety Let's all keep our fingers crosses that it's true.
A whole load of articles some only have a few lines from Ben himself a warning though some are very repeating.
Disney Insider (Nice interview) ABC News Article Review and Video (nice interview)
Thanks to Kirsty for letting me know about this.
Video interview's with Ben on Rusty meets Prince Caspian Cast
I've added a few extra pictures to
TRL Gallery Ringing Closing Bell at NYC Stock Exchange
Also some added some new pictures samples below The Rachel Ray Show Narita Airport 18th May Tokyo, Japan

Posted on 18 May 2008 by tsaress
More videos and TRL Pictures Movie Star Scans
Well for the u.s folks tomorrow is the day I really hope you guys have fun seing Prince Caspian in the cinema get chatting in the forum I've set up a section where you can put up your own reviews.
I'm going to chill out on the reviews and bits of articles from other sites at the moment as often they are repeated or don't have much of Ben in them. I will however be redoing the articles pages next week to include them.
Thanks to all the people who send me information you are the people who help me out and make this site better.
Kayla told me about another access Hollywood video here. Ben talks about his viewing of Prince Caspian.
LAphoto2006 sent me a link to his video HERE when he saw Ben visiting the Jimmy Kimmel show. I've also loaded up the video interview of Jimmy Kimmel to youtube and and also to the video page Both the video and youtube pages have also been updated with more videos.
There is a article on Ben on a href="">
I've managed to get hold of some Japenese articles and scanned the first one ine Movie Star June Issue here . DO NOT LINK ANY IMAGES feel free to save but don't cut of the tag.
I've also loaded up some images from William and Ben's recent visit to TRL on 5th May here
Samples below.

For those not aware Prince Caspian soundtrack which you can get on amazon here was released on 13th

You can read the full press release by click read more



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Posted on 15 May 2008 by tsaress
Interviews and Videos
I've finally been able to update the Ben Bio Page as I've finally got enough resources to get information. Please do not steal the bio I have written as it's taken a while to put together.
If you want to use it ask first.
I've also made a couple more banners if you want to link the site here

You will to excuse me guys I'm having huge problems getting videos loaded to the site seem to not be so bad getting them on youtube at all so taking a while with them also I ripped a video tonight only to find out that audio messed up and now I can't do it again I'll try tomorrow if not it will have to wait till Monday.
The Interview Video Page has been update with 4 videos including the one from last night when Ben was on Jay Leon. I'll try get a better version soon.
I recieved this from Jessica at Reel Talk
I just wanted to let you know that Ben Barnes recently visited out NBC studio to do an interview with our movie critic Alison Bailes. The entire interview is on our website, however here is the exact URL for that interview:, if you would like to link out to it.
The interview will be aired this weekend(some locations on Saturday morning others on Sunday morning, check the site to see when and where.)
Thanks to Andie for spotting this on AOL movies
Thanks to Savannah for finding some more videos unfortanly some of the following aren't viewable outside the u.s I can't even see them. So if some kind soul could load them that would be great.
sci-fi-wire The Whole of the Prince Caspian comic con panel
Very short line from Ben on Tv Guide
Coming soon also has a video
Some more pictures of Ben leaving a hotel in New York on this site Sorry I can't get bigger versions or get them unwatermarked.
Posted on 14 May 2008 by tsaress
More Articles/Reviews/Interviews and couple of images
Again huge thanks to Betta1 for find these been a bit snowed under with loads of things so not in much of a order at the moment.
Some wonderful things that Ben comes out with make me smile like.

"Yeah," he chuckled, "I had to break the shocking news to the fans: Even Prince Caspian gotta pee."

Interview with Short clips of interviews on Interview with

A rather long and fun interview with bits like this.

TeenHollywood: Are you concerned that you might get type-cast or are you going to take the route that Dan Radcliffe did....

Ben:..and take my clothes off you mean? [referring to Dan in the play "Equus"].
Short interview from
Some candids of Ben taken outside a hotel here anyone able to get larger versions?
Thanks to Maria for finding these promo's I've put them in the gallery
Posted on 13 May 2008 by tsaress
More Pictures reviews articles and now a shop
Due to a bunch of direct linking I've not managed to get as much done tonight as I wanted to. It's 1am in the morning here so sorry if I'm reposting things I have already. I managed to get some things sorted and have some article links which include reviews and interviews.
I've also finally near enough got the shop sorted out so go check it out here buy Ben related goodness and help support the site.
Thanks to Betta1 on the forum for finding most of them
MSN News SFgate New York Times
Please note some of the following reviews may contain spoilers
Justjared has a small article and some pictures here. and here
Thanks to Lonewolf on the forum who found this video here
Thanks to Savannah on The facebook group who found this great video
I've uploaded 15 more Prince Caspian photocall pictures here Over 60 HQ Prince Caspian premiere pictures here and loaded HQ versions of those great Matt Holywood photo's thanks to wikidwitch for those here
Samples below

I wonder if I could live off just looking at Ben Barnes pictures all day I better get to bed and stuff before I start saying more crap.
Posted on 12 May 2008 by tsaress

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