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A Ben Barnes Fansite

Ben Barnes is the actor who stars in Prince Caspian in the latest Narnia Film. He has also starred in Stardust, Bigga than Ben and on stage in The History Boys.
He was also in the group Hyrise.
Currently filming Easy Virtue.
This site brings the latest Ben Barnes news, Pictures, video and audio.

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Ben and William ringing the Bell video
Click read more to view the youtube video which is embed or go to this link
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Posted on 20 May 2008 by tsaress
Wireimage Pictures?
I've just done a search for Japanese Premiere pictures and this came up
so are they in the middle of loading them up or will we not see them until tomorrow we will just have to keep a eye out here
Posted on 20 May 2008 by tsaress
Site update News and Gallery
Hi all
I know your all sick of me going on and on about rubbish in my updates and sometimes you just want Ben news well now you can get pass that and either go to news page or add the RSS feed

Please note that this won't have pictures in it just links and bit on interviews etc.
Ok tonight I'm very worn out but managed to get some work done as you can tell by the tidy up of the front page. I've also done some work on the Shop it now has a guide in english on how to buy the Bigga than Ben dvd on the german amazon site thanks to LoveyaBen for that.
Have added more pictures to the TRL show filmed 5th May here
I've added over 50 picture to Prince Caspian Japanese Press Conference 19th May 2008 Samples below.
Posted on 19 May 2008 by tsaress
Ben Barnes to star is The Picture of Dorian Gray
Ben Barnes to star is The Picture of Dorian Gray


It seems at the moment that the information has been taken from 1 press conference that has taken place at Cannes Film Festival and a few other sites are just repeating Hollywood Reporter info.

So until we have more definat info I'm not going to put it up as a upcoming projects until there is at least a IMDB page.
Posted on 19 May 2008 by tsaress
Welcome to Ben Barnes Online news rss
Add us and we will keep you updated on whats going on in Ben land.
Posted on 19 May 2008 by tsaress

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