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A Ben Barnes Fansite

Ben Barnes is the actor who stars in Prince Caspian in the latest Narnia Film. He has also starred in Stardust, Bigga than Ben and on stage in The History Boys.
He was also in the group Hyrise.
Currently filming Easy Virtue.
This site brings the latest Ben Barnes news, Pictures, video and audio.

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Gallery Update New York Times
I found a photoshoot that was taken for the New York Times unfortanly I can't get hold of them without tags but I'm still looking anyway thought you would like to see them. All pictures in gallery Samples below.

In other news I think you might see a new layout in weeks time I miss Black way too much and after all Ben does look so great in it.
Posted on 22 May 2008 by tsaress
Ben Barnes Online
There is only one any other sites calling themselves Ben Barnes Online are nothing to do with this site and I have asked the site owner to rename their site.

Feel free to use a web address using ben barnes online within it but don't name is Ben Barnes Online as that's just stealing a website name.

I opened this site inder the name of A Brighter Star in October I renamed it in January so for over 4 months that has been it's name.

Come on guys give me a break I've been going though enough as it is online and personnally and I don't need any more crap.
Posted on 22 May 2008 by tsaress
Gallery Update and More Site Info
For those late to the game 3 hours ago I got a email from my SP saying I'm using up too much bandwidth and they said main reason could be hot linking. So as you can gather I'm a bit upset about that.
I'm a little more calm now and not quite so stressed. It's put me back 2 days of work and I'm not going to get any more screen caps up till Monday at the earliest.
Ok so to get the stress less on the site I've turned on hotlink blocking taken me ages to sort out. I'm also closing the video and audio pages down till Monday see if that doesn't help a bit as well.
You might have noticed I've now moved the update page to a different section so now you can go to the Ben news section by it self.
Hopefully that might make a bit more sense now from the front page.
I would like to thank all those who email me they support and pics and information you are all wonderful and make this site a better place to make.
Thanks to neyasnii_shepot for scanning in this Russian Vogue article from April 2008 click to view larger in gallery.

Have loaded 4 watermarked pictures from The Tonight Show here I've also loaded up some pictures from a stage greeting in Japan Ben to today here
Posted on 21 May 2008 by tsaress
Film Screencaps and Japanese Premiere Pictures
I've updated the gallery disclaimer again as it seems people do not understand what hot linking is. Can the people linking images on they myspace please remove them now.
Well it seems that it might take me a while before I'm able to update the videos section. Thanks to dj43 I have a huge load of Prince Caspian Film caps to load up.
Not even half done yet. They will all go in this section of the gallery. Samples below

Thanks to Icebunny who posted a scan from this weeks People in the Ben Barnes Forum It's in the gallery here

I've also loaded over 90 pictures from the Japanese Premiere here samples below.
Posted on 20 May 2008 by tsaress
Japanese Premiere Pictures
The pictures are coming in¤t=340x.jpg
Posted on 20 May 2008 by tsaress

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