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Ben Barnes is the actor who will soon take the part of Prince Caspian in the latest Narnia Film. He has also starred in Stardust, Bigga than Ben and The History Boys. He was also in the group Hyrise.
Currently filming Easy Virtue playing the part of John Whittaker.

This site brings the latest Ben Barnes news, pictures, video and audio.

Prince Caspian Tv Spots videos
Just updating this with a Bit of Ben news he's rumoured to be reading ’Prince Caspian’ at 13th Annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 26 & 27.
If anyone gets a chance to go I would love a report and pictures if you can get them. Info about the event is here

Thanks to Isabel at for finding the below picture for me.

I managed to find the Prince Caspian TV spots that have been going about had them up. You can watch them on my youtube page or download them from the video page I've also screen capped them.


Tv Spot 1 screen caps Tv Spot 2 screen caps
Tv Spot 3 screen caps Tv Spot HQ caps of Ben Only
Posted on 20 Mar 2008 by tsaress
Empire Award pictures

First of all can I ask a favour from you guys can you not link to pages with in the site or albums or image pages within the gallery. I still count this is part of direct linking I can't keep track of the amount of hits that the site is getting that way. Also as I redesign the site and move pages about this can mean those pages disappear. All you need to do is give the main site address and just tell them it's in the gallery on that site or whatever page you mean.
I know there is a forum out there that keeps doing it and I would like to ask them to kindly stop doing that now thanks.

Don't forget to vote in the poll in the side panel on the left to let me know Whether I should open a forum? You can also go to a direct link here to vote I only have 11 votes and I can't judge on that base even if you think it's a bad idea let me know.

A bit information about Ben's reason for being at the Empire Awards. Ben presented Best Horror won by 28 Weeks Later the director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo collected the award. Thanks to Marikelly for finding out the information and finding the last picture from the Empire website.

So more Empire Awards pictures in the gallery here
Posted on 20 Mar 2008 by tsaress
Ben at Empire Awards 9th March
For some reason this slipped past me it's been really hard to get hold of pictures of him at the Empire Awards. I don't think the photographers realise what a star he is unlike we do.

Anyway here's a couple for you.
Posted on 19 Mar 2008 by tsaress
New Prince Caspian Promo Picture
Thank to Marikelly for pointing it out to me and huge Thanks to Don and Kevin at for letting me post the below picture.

Please do not directly link I've asked permission to post this image.
Click to take you to larger version in gallery

Don't forget to vote in the poll below on whether I should open a forum now or wait only had 11 votes so far I need at least 20 yes votes before I will open it but please don't vote again once you voted once.
Posted on 18 Mar 2008 by tsaress
Gallery Update
Hi guys

Sorry to be a total pain with you guys but last month I had some spam bots that spammed all of my news posts with comments. Each time someone comments I get a email I had 100 emails to not only delete but also to delete the comments on the news section. As you can gather it took a long time to sort out so please if you have more than one thing you want to say on a subject kept it in one comment or email me. I appricate your help it's just when I get loads of emails and comments it can take longer for me to go though to the important stuff.
Anyway I got the unwatermarked versions now which are all in the gallery.

Thanks to marikelly for finding these for me they
are from here and here If you want to translate some of it you can go to babelfish and put the address of the site into it.

Also the poll is up for whether you think it's a good idea for me to open up a forum.

Posted on 17 Mar 2008 by tsaress

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