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Ben Barnes is the actor who will soon take the part of Prince Caspian in the latest Narnia Film. He has also starred in Stardust, Bigga than Ben and The History Boys. He was also in the group Hyrise.
Currently filming Easy Virtue playing the part of John Whittaker.

This site brings the latest Ben Barnes news, pictures, video and audio.

Gallery Update and another Video
I've put up a new layout in the gallery here
Also put a image up I found on narniaweb here

I've also put up a new banner in the
Ben Barnes Live Journal Community
A another part of Ben in Tokyo Interview has surfaces and I've loaded it on to youtube and you are also able to download it from the video and audio page. It has a few frames of clips we've not seen before and Ben in fact talks more in it.

Posted on 27 Mar 2008 by tsaress
Tokyo video and more Pictures
First site news thanks to Sonja for letting me know that there was problems viewing the news page. It seemed to be I missed a bit of coding that threw most of the pages a bit out unfortanly it was only viewable in iexplorer as I use firefox I had not picked it up. Guess if you can't view or download anything or links don't work please let me know so I can sort it out.
Thanks to both mayamayah and tomomo who pointed out the video of Ben in Tokyo which is on this site here.
A slighty shorter version without the trailer has been loaded by mayamayah on to youtube I've also loaded it on to the site so you can download it on the video page.
Also more pictures have been found by tomomo from I've put them in the gallery here
Posted on 26 Mar 2008 by tsaress
Prince Caspian and Bigga than Ben Pictures
Updated: To add Interview with Ben on Rotten Tomotoes here he talks about filming to start for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in November.

Huge thanks to tomomo who's found a load of articles about Ben's visit to promote Prince Caspian in Japan. All of them are in Japanese.
I've found them hard to translate but you may get some idea of them if you use babelfish
tomomo also said that the articles say that Ben will be back in Japan in May.
Maybe a Japanese Premiere you never know?
Anyway the sites had pictures on them They are all in the gallery here.

The next day a party was give and I have found 2 pictures from there They are all in the gallery here.

I did a little search last night and it seems I've been missing a few pictures about the place so if you ever see something I'm missing please tell me. A few misc Prince Caspian ones including the Prince Caspian action figures just because they make me laugh.
They are all in the gallery here.

There is loads of talk about being released in the cinema in the U.K soon. It's now been accounced it will be released on DVD in German. I really hope this film does well it looks like it's going to be great. I found a load of pictures on the offcial site under the press section. Go read about the film on the site. Take a look in Other Caps Promo and new Backstage section in the gallery here.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I know I am.
Posted on 25 Mar 2008 by tsaress
Prince Caspian Interview video
At last someone on Narniaweb has managed to work out what the Japanese site is on about.

Taken from
"The Japanese Disney site is reporting that Ben Barnes recently travelled to Japan to meet the famous Kabuki actor who is doing the Japanese voice-over for Caspian. Barnes also took part in a temple ceremony while there as part of the promotion for Prince Caspian. After the ceremony, there was a brief interview:
Interviewer: "What is it like playing a Prince?"
Japanese Actor: "Well, I have played numerous princes on the stage, but Ben here is a real prince."
Interviewer: "Who should see this movie?"
Ben: "Everyone and my mother of course!"
Interviewer (to the Japanese actor again): "Do you want to do that again for ’The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’?"
Japanese Actor: "I’d greatly like to do that."
Ben: "Well, you can do my acting parts instead then." (laughter)
Thanks to Reepi for the find and the translation!" has interview with Ben up as well here if anyone is able to rip ot let me know I'm having trouble with it.

Click read more to read the transcript
Read more • 0 Comments
Posted on 24 Mar 2008 by tsaress
New Layout , New TV Spot and Pictures
Well it's all go here in Ben Barnes land. I hope you like the new layout I've tried to stick with something user friendly if you come across any broken links please let me know.
You will notice a few new pages I've done a page for each of the most recent projects Ben has been involved in you can view the links on the film page or by click info on the project under the current project section above. Some of them haven't got a lot of information at the moment as it's hard to find information out.I've also sorted out the articles page with links to pages on the site with the full Interview on I will soon be adding reviews to this page from previous projects Ben has done.
Just so you guys are aware I deal with fact on this site so I always try my best to find sources for the information. So if you send me anything please provide sources or I can not include it on the site.
You may think that the bio section is quite bare but please keep in mind hardly anything is known about Ben's personnal life and I'm not going to make things up to fill a page up.
Ok right on to the updates
Huge thanks to Sonja who found so more pictures from the Game Plan premiere from last year at
I've put all 6 in the gallery. I'm really like these as it shows off his smile so well.

A new Tv Spot has been seen on the disney channel and a low rez flash version is available to download on the video page for some reason I've been unable to upload a full version of the click to youtube and it's not letting me convert it. I'll keep trying though. I'm going wait until a high rez version is available before I screen it.
Thanks to Marikelly for the find of the below pictures from Offcial Japanese Disney Site taken at Japanese cleansing ritual on 18th March 2008
I've put them in the gallery here
Posted on 23 Mar 2008 by tsaress

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