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Ben Barnes is the actor who will soon take the part of Prince Caspian in the latest Narnia Film. He has also starred in Stardust, Bigga than Ben and The History Boys. He was also in the group Hyrise.
Currently filming Easy Virtue playing the part of John Whittaker.

This site brings the latest Ben Barnes news, pictures, video and audio.

Forum Party and HQ Pictures
Just a edit before the party just wanted to let you know about a couple of pictures HQ pictures I loaded up from
Emporio Armani - MFW Menswear Spring / Summer 2009

Dear all

You are invited to a party in this thread. tonight starting at 6pm GMT time and running for 24 hours until 24th June 6pm GMT.
It's to celebrate our 10000 post.
Feel free to pop in when you like new and old members welcome.

Yours Tsaress
Posted on 23 Jun 2008 by tsaress
HQ Gallery Pictures and Videos
So the voting is open vote for your favourite set of banners and the one with the most votes wins the Movie Poster voting closes 30th June 11pm GMT.
Vote for the entries in the win a Movie Poster here
The video page has been updated including videos from London Premiere Prague Premiere and GMTV interview.
Coming tomorrow London Premiere Report and pictures if you would like to add your own report please email me at tsaress @
I've scanned Metro article about the London Premiere.

I've loaded lots of HQ pictures including London Premiere 1 from Paris Premiere Japanese Premiere, Japanese Press Conference and Prague Premiere.
Posted on 22 Jun 2008 by tsaress
Gallery update London Premiere HQ Paris Premiere and Articles
You might have noticed a button above that is if you want to donate to the site. I want to make it clear that you don't have to donate and you don't get any extra's if you do. I know a lot of people we're asking if they could help out and at the moment with my annual web space payment due in August this is the best way. All donations go though paypal.
Sometimes the best donations that I get are from you guys so thank you for all the articles, images, links and news you let me know about and sent to me.
Thanks to Trevor who told me about Ben's interview with Slink which you can see here.
Ben News has been updated.
I've added some more London Premiere pictures Including some Some HQ's
The Paris pictures are here as well under Disneyland Paris Premiere album

A huge thank to Zacky who has sent in scans of the Galaxie June 2008 Issue
Thanks also to Liz who sent in a scan of People's 30th June Issue
Posted on 21 Jun 2008 by tsaress
Loads more London Premiere Pictures
Thanks to PrincessJane who looked after the place while I was away at the Prince Caspian Premiere in London. What a great night I didn't get many pictures but I know a few people who did and hopefully I'll manage to get those pictures in a few days for you.
I think all the pictures scared her though. She will be posting a bit next week for me so you may see more of her about the place be kind to her. She will only be able to update so much so you will see the gallery as members only viewing and also email replies will be delayed.
I've updated the Ben News Section with loads of links to articles and interviews.

I've been hanging around waiting for Paris Premiere Pictures but nothing seems to be out yet a couple of fan videos are on youtube of all the cast but they are kind of hard to see they are here and here

Gallery update HQ London Premiere Pictures Other London Premiere Pictures
Posted on 20 Jun 2008 by tsaress
O2 Premiere pics
The first pictures from the O2 premiere in London are up in the gallery here

Click the pic for full image

Posted on 19 Jun 2008 by PrincessJane

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