Jun 05,2013


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Ben interview and talking about Big Wedding.

LOOK: Ben, tell us about The Big Wedding.
Ben: It’s all about my adoptive parents who are divorced pretending to still be together for the sake of my birth Mother who is also coming to my wedding.
LOOK: In real life your Dad’s a psychiatrist and your Mum’s a relationship therapist…
Ben: Yeah I get free therapy whenever I want but I have to do it over Skype now!
LOOK: What’s the best advice your parents have given you?
Ben: When I was young I used to get bullied at school and my Dad used to say ‘success is the best revenge’. I found a t-shirt a few years ago that said ‘success is the best revenge’ on it and I got quite emotional in the shop.
LOOK: You once said you don’t wear pyjamas to bed, is that true?
Ben: I sometimes wear bottoms if it’s very cold.
LOOK: Is there a lucky lady in your life to keep you warm?
Ben: There is not one at the moment but I’m always on the lookout!
LOOK: Your Big Wedding co-star Amanda Seyfried has admitted she quite fancies you…
Ben: Well, I was in San Diego and I got a call saying ‘do you want to get on a plane with Amanda?’ so I said ‘Yep’. It was cool because there was a free bar and no one else on the plane. We’re very good friends now.
LOOK: You’re from south London but live in LA, do you get food shipped over from England?
Ben: I live with a mate from England and this week he found a British shop and came back with milk chocolate digestives, Weetabix and Ribena. It was absolutely brilliant!


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