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Jan 13,2015

Sons of Liberty Video Clip and Interview

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Ben talking about By the Gun and other films here

Rama’s SCREEN: I don’t know if you know this but they’re working on adapting the next Narnia movie, “Silver Chair”, so are you going to be a part of that?

Ben Barnes: “I have no idea. I haven’t spoken to anyone about it. I know in “Silver Chair” casting is much older, I think he’s in his seventies by that point. I know they have brilliant people working prosthetics but I don’t know if that’s even possible but I haven’t spoken to anyone about it, I don’t know what phase that’s at.”

Rama’s SCREEN: What happened to “Seventh Son?” How come it’s taking so long for us to finally get to watch the film?
Ben Barnes: “I know, I know. The Legendary partnered with Warner Bros for a long time, just as our film was nearing completion, they partnered with Universal instead and they already had that slate for the year. Nothing to do with the film not being ready obviously. Obviously the effects and the 3D take a bit of time. But then, new studio, so we had to wait for a date that Universal where they didn’t have anything else coming out, so that’s why we had to wait so long. But I did do the junket for that yesterday, for international it comes out in Europe, I think December, January, and then America and then England in March, and then everywhere, so it’s exciting to have it finally come out.”

Quick Q & A from here

What’s your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?
On my phone it’s a picture of my brother in a boxing match and on my computer it’s a photograph of London turning from day to night.

When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order? Usually a lager but it varies, a whisky or gin and tonic sometimes.

What’s the one word you are guilty of using too often? I used to use the word ‘epic’ in interviews far too often. But the one that upsets me is when I catch myself saying ‘he was like…’ for ‘he said…’.

What is the last thing you searched for on Google? Outdoor furniture.

When is the last time you went to a theater? I went to the National Theatre to see a play about life in the slums of India in December.

What TV show should everyone should be watching? I just watched Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror series which was dark and intriguing.

And what is your TV guilty pleasure? The Voice. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are a great comedy duo.

What’s the first CD you bought? It was a cassette tape of TLC’s Waterfalls and Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise.

What is the one food you cannot resist? Indian food or pizza.

What music are you currently listening to? Hozier’s album and Paolo Nutini’s Caustic Love.

What movie makes you laugh the most? This is Spinal Tap makes me laugh every time.

What’s your favorite day of the year? Christmas Day

What’s your favorite emoji?

Pick one: Kittens or puppies? Puppies

New York or Los Angeles? Los Angeles

Comedy or drama? Drama

Bacon or Nutella? Bacon… These questions are getting harder!

Coffee or tea? Tea

’80s or ’90s? Child of the ’80s

And finally: tell us a secret. But then it won’t be a secret anymore. Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Ben Barnes

May 01,2011

For Sale Prince Caspian Figure and DVD

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I’m selling some stuff on ebay view all my lists here
You may be interested in Prince Caspian Figure and Prince Caspian DVD

Apr 29,2011

Killing Bono U.S Premiere and Video Interview

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Killing Bono review


Killing Bono is in the official selection for the Seattle Inernational Film Festival and will be making it’s North American Premiere on Thursday 2nd of June 2011! With over 400 films spanning three weeks, SIFF is one of the largest and longest running US film festivals featuring a diverse assortment of predominantly independent and foreign films from around the world.

Short Ben Barnes Interview

Apr 25,2011

Photoshoot Dawn Treader Interviews

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> Photoshoots > HQ Disorder Magazine Photoshoot

Voyage of the Dawn Treader video interview here

Apr 22,2011

Video Interviews

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I’m very slowly uploading the videos to the YouTube channel.

Reviews of Killing Bono
Radio City interview can be heard on youtube here.

Apple Store Q & A Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Video Interview about Killing Bono

Interviews about Dawn Treader

Apr 13,2011

Ben Interview and DVD Release Pictures

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CARREON: Caspian is no long longer a boy prince in this return to Narnia. He’s now a king. How has that impacted your return to the Narnia universe?
BEN BARNES: It’s nice to come back and revisit a character. It’s three years later, Narnia time. So, he’s gone from being a boy essentially into a man, from a prince to a king. It’s an interesting situation because obviously the franchise has changed. Changed studios, changed director. Between the two films, there’s been a good two years almost between shooting the two films. The character himself I think has evolved a lot in terms of he’s been ruling a country for three years. He’s managed to organize peace across Narnia by fighting battles that are unseen. He explains to Edmund and Lucy that there’s peace across Narnia and that’s why he’s now going on this voyage to fulfill this promise that he made to himself after his father’s death. He’s become a lot more authoritarian. He’s a lot more confident in himself, I think. He’s a lot more comfortable in his role as leader, but there’s still those little niggles from the last film from his being brought up by an evil, conspiratorial uncle. It has left that chip on his shoulder and so he still has those insecurities buried a little bit deeper down than they were before, but they’re absolutely still there.

> DVD Launch The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Video interview starts 3mins in

Feb 25,2011

Japanese Videos

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You can see Ben and Georgia videos
promoting Voyage of the Dawn Treader here and below.

Feb 24,2011

Killing Bono Competition and New Pictures

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Killing Bono Competitions
There are 3 competitions for Killing Bono at the moment.

We’re giving away a trip to Dublin and two tickets to the world premiere of new comedy Killing Bono.
You’ll be flown out to the Irish capital on March 15 to attend the event, then be whisked off to the afterparty to enjoy a knees up with the stars of the film.
Spend the night in a luxury hotel, before returning home the next day.

we are offering you and and a friend the chance to attend the film’s Irish Premiere and swanky after party on 15th March in Dublin. Not only that but you’ll also stay in a luxury hotel while you’re there.

We are giving the opportunity to be whisked away to where it all started. Win a trip to Dublin for you and a partner to attend the European Premiere of Killing Bono with one night accommodation as well as your flights being paid for.

Pictures thanks to Nancy at
Ben Barnes > Photoshoots > Sarah Dunn
Screen > The Voyage of the Dawn Treader > Promo

Ben Barnes > Posed > Misc
> Photoshoots > Japanese Press Shoot

Feb 20,2011

Loads of Updates

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Rumour has it Ben has auditioned for a new part well rumour from the writer of said film.

@griffhood Just met with Ben Barnes for the role of McQueen. Class guy

Information on film. the film

IMDB Page Variety article
Some pictures
Screen > The Voyage of the Dawn Treader > Promo
Ben Barnes > Photoshoots > Japanese Press Shoot

Source Source
You can download winrared wav version of Ben singing a song from Killing Bono.
Please do not hot link Right Save As
Screencaps > Misc > 2011 > Ben Barnes Show Reel

Below you can view Ben Barnes show reel with clips below most of his film including new clips from Killing Bono and Locked In.

Feb 13,2011

Video from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Tokyo Premiere

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Check 1min 30 in for Ben