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Jan 11,2012

The Words Picture and more

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Yeah I know it’s been a while and I’m sorry but twitter is so much easier to update then the site.


Rory Jansen, a struggling writer, aspires to be the next great literary voice. When he discovers a lost manuscript in a weathered attaché case, he realizes he possesses something extraordinary that he desperately wishes he had created. Rory decides to pass the work off as his own and finally receives the recognition he desperately craves. However, he soon learns that living with his choice will not be as easy as he thought as he faces a moral dilemma that will make him take a hard look at the man he has become.
In their directorial debut, Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal have crafted a subtle tale that examines how overwhelming desire can lead to unforeseen and unwanted consequences. Bolstered by a strong cast, led by Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons, The Words adeptly assembles multiple narratives that reveal how one man’s lost legacy holds the life of another man captive.

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Oct 31,2011

Ben Interview and a New Picture from a Old photoshoot

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Unfortanly the first released picture from The Words does not have Ben in it but you can view it here.

Ben recently did a interview with Coming Soon here where he talks about Killing Bono.

CS: What about the performances? Was a lot of that choreographed or did you just let you do your own crazy moves and see what worked?
Barnes: No, all the crazy moves are unfortunately were from my wheelhouse of dance moves. They’re all Ben Barnes originals, which is probably heartbreaking… certainly for me. No, I think one of the reasons I could finally use my terrible dancing for the greater good and make people laugh, but no, I just wanted to be as ridiculous as I could possibly be, because I thought that was one part of the film where I could really go for the goofiness, because he takes it so very seriously, Neil.

A New picture from a old shoot
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Jul 01,2011

On Set Pictures from The Words

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Jun 09,2011

The Words Filming and New Ben Picture

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The Word is filming but it seems that Ben not yet be filming a few days ago he was in L.A. Has some fan pictures from the filming location.

A few of our readers spotted Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana on the set of the new movie, The Words, in Montreal today. (9th June)
The film’s trailers were set up along a park behind the Windsor Hotel.

@benjonesdj Tweeted that he was with Ben and even posted a picture of Ben which I’ve loaded to the gallery.

Lunch in LA with Ben Barnes who is sitting on massive news!! Exciting new film!

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Jun 08,2011

The Words is Filming

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The Words is currectly filming in Montreal you can find more information on filming here.
If you do happen to get any pictures please send them our way.

Jun 05,2011

New Project The Words

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Ben Barnes has just been cast in a new project you can read some articles about it The Words IMDB Page
Below from

Olivia Wilde’s feature career continues to heat up, with the “Cowboys & Aliens” star joining the ensemble of the dramatic thriller “The Words,” which stars Bradley Cooper.

Ben Barnes (“The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”), John Hannah (“The Mummy”), J.K. Simmons (“Juno”) and French thesp Nora Arnezeder (“Safe House”) have also joined the cast, which already includes Jeremy Irons, Zoe Saldana and Dennis Quaid.

Project reunites Wilde with “Tron: Legacy” scribes Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal, who are making their directorial debut. Duo’s script, which appeared on the Black List, follows a successful writer who discovers he has to pay a price for stealing another man’s work.