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Feb 01,2015

Happy Birthday Ben Barnes Online

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Ben Barnes Online was born on 1st Feb 2008 it was previously been called A Brighter Star and was opened 7th October 2007

Have been doing this site for over 7 years doesn’t feel like 2 mintues ago.

See some of my old layouts

Version 1 Version 2 Version 3

Version 4 Version 5 Version 6

Version 7 Version 8 Version 9

Version 10 Version 11

Nov 11,2013

Please help keep the site running

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As you are aware I’ve been having slow speed issues on the site. My site host are now asking me to move to VPS in order not to effect others. It’s on a trial at the moment so that is why it’s not so bad.

If I stay with VPS it will cost 3 times the amount I am currently paying per month.

I do not have that kind of money I do not get paid to run the site.

Please help me keep my sites running well.

Click the below link it gives money directly to my host so you know this is going towards the site.
Donate towards my web hosting bill!

Aug 20,2013

Happy Birthday Ben

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It’s Ben’s birthday today he’s 32 happy birthday Ben.

Jul 18,2013

Twitter and Tumblr Accounts

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Due to time differences it will be quite late when Seventh Son San Diego Comic Con panel is on and I will unlikely be able to be online at same time.

I will however be able to more likely update the tumblr and Twitter accounts faster than the site so please follow them. and @benbarnesonline

Oct 10,2011

New Layout

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New Layout thanks to

This site has come a long way since 7th October 2007 and this is the 16th Layout 4 years and counting.

Sep 18,2011

We are back

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After a long break we are back. I’m currectly closing down some of my other sites so I can devote more time to the sites that derserve it. Over the next week I will be updating the site and hopefully bringing a new layout.

May 01,2011

For Sale Prince Caspian Figure and DVD

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I’m selling some stuff on ebay view all my lists here
You may be interested in Prince Caspian Figure and Prince Caspian DVD

Mar 27,2011

Donation and Killing Bono

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We have over 800 visits a day to this site sometimes even 1000 and no one every donates to help keep the site running remember it costs to run this site. This makes me sad, At this time I no longer have the money to get the huge amount of magazines I use to get to scan in for the site.

Please help the site out and donate
Donate towards my web hosting bill!

Interview with Ben Barnes

“I grew up wanting to be Stevie Wonder, basically,” he chuckles, “so to watch a film about white guys trying to sing soul was extraordinarily exciting to me when I was 17. Killing Bono is a movie about failure, but The Commitments is more about what it takes to pursue your dream. It’s a bit more optimistic; it was Wilson Pickett who pulls up in the car at the end, and they were amazing and they did have their moment in the sun. This is more the moment in the sh*t!”
“I look at my mentor and close mate Colin Firth, who’s just coming into his own,” he continues, “and he’s already done some amazing stuff. I’d like to still have goals like him in 30 years time. I’d definitely like to think of myself as a family man by that point as well because at the moment my focus is very much on my work and giving myself the best possible chance of maintaining this career for the rest of my life.”

Check out Killing Bono twitter for a great premiere ticket competition here.

Killing_Bono_ Killing Bono
Tweet film related #BONOMOVIEPUNS i.e.The Bono Identity, James Bono, Bonocio Del Toro and our 2 favs win tickets to LDN premiere/afterparty!

Jan 30,2011

About Ben Barnes Online Part 8

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Version 14 done by morning sun posted on 31st Jan 2010

Jan 30,2011

Meeting Ben

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I’ve met Ben twice now and both times he’s been really nice.
First time I met him was in October 2008 when he went to London Expo event.
I managed to met up with a few other fans down there and there is a lot of pictures of Ben in the gallery from it. It was great to hear from him that he recieved a birthday book we had put together in August of that year.
Events > 2008 > London Expo October 2008

The first night of Birdsong I went to see the play and left a card at the stage door. I didn’t hang around but on 27th Nov 2010 I did and met Ben again he was really nice.

Candids > 2010 > Birdsong Stage Door