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Nov 09,2011

Interviews about Killing Bono and other new films and a New picture.

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Below picture from
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Killing Bono reviews
Talking about Killing Bono interviews and The Seventh Son

I have to ask about The Seventh Son, I hear that it’s not going to stick super close to the novels.
Ben Barnes: “No, it’s not. I think because it’s not like Twilight or The Hunger Games or one of these series that people are obsessed with and want every detail to be correct or exactly as it is. I think there’s more license, because they are not as well known, to kind of make it really filmic. We have a brilliant director Sergey Bedrov who made the film Mongol. I think we just want to make it really visual. A lot of the book takes place in a hut and in a house and that’s not particularly exciting. So, I think they are making it with lot more action. My character in the novel is like 13 and obviously I’m not 13. We are just making it slightly more adult as well.”


Having already done epic fantasy in your career, what was the appeal of a project like The Seventh Son? Do you enjoy working in these entirely created worlds?

BARNES: I do enjoy that. I think escapism is very important, certainly in my life. I love nothing more than escaping into the world of a film or a novel. To be involved in creating that for other people is a privilege. But, I did say to myself, “No more swords now. I’m done with that.” The films that I’ve done without swords have obviously been seen by far fewer people. But, whenever I finish a project, I want to do the exact opposite. After I did Killing Bono, which was me lunging in leather trousers and screeching and doing dancing that will make people cry with laughter, I went on stage and played a World War I officer in a Trevor Nunn production of Birdsong. That was a very passionate and moving story. And then, I went and did a film called The Wedding, which was a ridiculous comedy with [Robert] DeNiro and Robin Williams and Susan Sarandon. That’s like Meet the Parents, but with more swearing. Whatever I’ve just finished, I want to do the opposite because you take a bit of those characters with you and you always want to balance yourself out again. But, to answer your question, which I’m not doing, Jeff Bridges was the appeal, really. Just to work with Jeff Bridges, if I’d had to dress up as his gimp and have a mask on the whole time, I would do it because he’s a genius. I’m very much looking forward to working with him. All of my scenes are with him. And Legendary Pictures is producing the film, and they have such an amazing track record. They make such cool movies there, and the artwork was just incredible. I figured, why not? If you’re going to get pigeon-holed, you might as well get pigeon-holed for big fantasy films.


You have some really fantastic projects coming up with The Seventh Son, The Wedding, and The Words. Is there anything you can say about those projects?

Ben Barnes: Yeah. I’ve already shot The Words and The Wedding. I shot The Words in Montreal, and it’s a pretty amazing city. We had great directors on that film. The cast is obviously amazing. I didn’t really get to meet the cast, because that film is sort of written in three sections. It’s a very interesting story about morality and perspective. I think it was one of those things where every actor who read it was like, ‘That’s really interesting.’ It was interesting to see Bradley Cooper and people like that do something really different and dramatic. I think he’s going to be amazing in it. The Wedding was an incredible experience. I got to work with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Katherine Heigl, who I thought were all wonderful. It was a great learning experience for me, and I think it’s going to be really funny. I’m the groom, so I’m stuck with this ridiculous dysfunctional family swirling around me. I’m the exasperated guy in the middle of it all. I hope that will be very funny too, and it’s very sweet in its own way as well. It’s kind of like Meet the Parents, but with a lot of swearing.


What kind of student were you in high school?
I went to a very academically competitive high school. So I was always quite studious and quiet, just to keep up with the other geniuses who were in my school. I would just hang out in the music department and I’d play in loads of bands. In the summers, I’d do more dramatic stuff with a theater company.
I just kept to myself, really. I always looked really young for my age. And once I hit 23, 24 and 25, I was then allowed to play the cool 18-year-olds and stuff.

Ben and Nick Hamm talking about Killing Bono

Oct 31,2011

Ben Interview and a New Picture from a Old photoshoot

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Unfortanly the first released picture from The Words does not have Ben in it but you can view it here.

Ben recently did a interview with Coming Soon here where he talks about Killing Bono.

CS: What about the performances? Was a lot of that choreographed or did you just let you do your own crazy moves and see what worked?
Barnes: No, all the crazy moves are unfortunately were from my wheelhouse of dance moves. They’re all Ben Barnes originals, which is probably heartbreaking… certainly for me. No, I think one of the reasons I could finally use my terrible dancing for the greater good and make people laugh, but no, I just wanted to be as ridiculous as I could possibly be, because I thought that was one part of the film where I could really go for the goofiness, because he takes it so very seriously, Neil.

A New picture from a old shoot
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Oct 19,2011

The Seventh Son information Killing Bono Review

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Killing Bono review
Ben Barnes interview from
Talking about The Seventh Son

“The plans for this are to shoot in Vancouver and China and some of the artwork just looks incredible,” he told us. “I think it’s certainly going to look pretty special, and I’ve read a couple of the books on which this series is based and they’re pretty engaging. The main draws were Sergei directing it, and Legendary Pictures making it. They make Batman and ‘Inception,’ amazing movies, and to top that off, most of my scenes are with Jeff Bridges, who is one of my favorite actors.”

“It’s nothing like the first book really, but they changed it a lot. I don’t think it’s particularly like ‘The Hunger Games’ or ‘Twilight’ where you can go ‘based on the books,’ because I don’t think this series is as popular yet, so I think there’s a chance to rewrite and make the best movie for the movie’s sake. I think sometimes when you stick exactly to the book, there’s a danger of it becoming a bit literary, so I think visually they want to make the most exciting film so they’ve changed a lot. My character in the book is 13 or something, but then the romance element in the book doesn’t really make any sense – it makes more sense to have those characters a little older. Some of the story in the first book is very static so this is going to be a lot more visual and action-oriented.”

Oct 10,2011

Killing Bono update

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Killing Bono update
I’ve added sopme more pictures.
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Buy Killing Bono DVD

Jun 09,2011

The Words Filming and New Ben Picture

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The Word is filming but it seems that Ben not yet be filming a few days ago he was in L.A. Has some fan pictures from the filming location.

A few of our readers spotted Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana on the set of the new movie, The Words, in Montreal today. (9th June)
The film’s trailers were set up along a park behind the Windsor Hotel.

@benjonesdj Tweeted that he was with Ben and even posted a picture of Ben which I’ve loaded to the gallery.

Lunch in LA with Ben Barnes who is sitting on massive news!! Exciting new film!

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May 28,2011


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Really sorry for the lack of updates I’ll really try and catch up. Just a short one for now.
Killing Bono will be screened in the ancient greek amphitheatre Teatro Antico on Friday 17th June. find out more information here.
Taken from

The 29-year-old actor is best known for his role as Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia films Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
Ben doesn’t want to be typecast in fantasy roles involving period sword fights for the rest of his film career and is keen to get to grips with a new challenge.
“I still get lots of offers to play royalty and [for] films with swords in them. The industry loves to pigeonhole you, and most actors do everything they can to not have that happen, so I say, ‘No, I want to do something with a gun …’” he said in an interview with Wonderland magazine.
Ben sees his movie career as an opportunity to be “cool”. The British star, who most recently appeared in Killing Bono, says he looks forward to receiving various film scripts as a way of bringing variety into his life.
“I rely on this job to give me spontaneity. I’m not an adventurer. I rely on this job to make me cool…” he added.

May 09,2011

Killing Bono Screencaps updated

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Now over 4600 screencaps.
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May 08,2011

Killing Bono screencaps and New Agent in U.S

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Ben has just been signed to William Morris Endeavor in the U.S read more about it here.
I’m currectly uploading screencaps from Killing Bono they are taking a long time to load so should be all loaded by tomorrow.
Killing Bono is a 15 film so please beware of some of the caps. So far I have loaded over 2000 caps
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Apr 29,2011

Killing Bono U.S Premiere and Video Interview

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Killing Bono review


Killing Bono is in the official selection for the Seattle Inernational Film Festival and will be making it’s North American Premiere on Thursday 2nd of June 2011! With over 400 films spanning three weeks, SIFF is one of the largest and longest running US film festivals featuring a diverse assortment of predominantly independent and foreign films from around the world.

Short Ben Barnes Interview

Apr 25,2011

Photoshoot Dawn Treader Interviews

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Voyage of the Dawn Treader video interview here