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Feb 22,2015

Jackie and Ryan photos and Interview Photoshoot

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Feb 11,2015

Seventh Son Press Confrence and Interviews

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Pictures and press confrence write up from here.

Q: Was it destiny that you chose the part? Or did the part choose you?
Ben Barnes: I think it’s discomforting to think about the idea of life where everything is fated and not having freedom of choice. That’s kind of unsettling, but it’s also unsettling to think of a life where the way you behave and treat other people doesn’t come back around and earn you something in return, which you could put into the category of something other than chaos. It’s an interesting balance and a question that affects every life. It’s an interesting theme to explore in any film, whether it’s in space exploration or the dark ages.
Q: What were the physical challenges of the role and what were the costumes like?
Ben Barnes: I remember having a fitting and trying on these sandals and weird length pants … we went simple at the beginning and, subconsciously, the clothing does performance for you, because as you move through the story, gradually my clothes become like Master Gregory’s and it has a cloak, and a hood, and is more black. They play with subconscious turns of good and evil and who you’re becoming more or less like. It does some of the work establishing tones and colors and how you feel. You feel confident.

Feb 02,2015

New Seventh Son Images and Video

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Feb 01,2015

Seventh Son New York screening and Candids

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Jan 31,2015

Gallery Update

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I’m currently moving over all the old archieve gallery images over to the new gallery. I’ve started with the photoshoots and I can’t believe how many I have loaded there.

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Jan 29,2015

Facebook pictures

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Jan 28,2015

Sons of Liberty episode 3 screencaps

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Jan 27,2015

Sons of Liberty sneak peak episode 3 video and Episode 2 screencaps

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Jan 26,2015

Sons of Liberty interview and Episode 1 screencaps

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Full interview here

This is the first time people will be seeing you on American television. You’d previously done a pilot, but that didn’t get picked up. Were you looking to get involved with TV projects, and are you looking to do more of that?
BARNES: It’s something that I had been hesitant about, a few years ago. But, I’m always a bit slow to catch on to trends. Even when I was at school, I was never the first one to catch on to what was happening. For example, I’ve only just gotten onto Facebook, and that’s 10 years late. It’s a good example of how far behind I am. I love television. I’m a huge Netflix-type binger of shows, and I get very, very invested. I was invested in just reading the script for this, so you can imagine what I’m like when I’ve got access to 22 episodes at one time. It was absolutely something I thought would be very cool, but you think about it differently because you have to really love the character in order to spend that amount of time with them and really believe in them. So, I’m absolutely open to working in any medium. I’ve spent six or seven months on plays before, which very few people see. But I think it’s very exciting that I’m on an American television for is playing one of the Founding Fathers of the country. That’s a good step forward for me. I’m actually weirdly more excited about this being on people’s televisions than I am about a film coming out, which people have to go to see, and make a choice to go and see. Obviously, they have the choice to watch that particular channel or not, but at the same time, I am very excited about it because, even if their televisions are off, I know it’s playing. There’s something quite exciting about that, I suppose because it’s fresh and different for me.

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Jan 26,2015

Sons of Liberty Pictures and Videos

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Interview about The Words