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May 08,2011

Killing Bono screencaps and New Agent in U.S

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Ben has just been signed to William Morris Endeavor in the U.S read more about it here.
I’m currectly uploading screencaps from Killing Bono they are taking a long time to load so should be all loaded by tomorrow.
Killing Bono is a 15 film so please beware of some of the caps. So far I have loaded over 2000 caps
Please do not remove the tag if reposting and credit back to the site.
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Jan 08,2011

Proof Ben Barnes Does not have Twitter

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Huge thanks to badingding who took this picture for us for the proof that Ben does not have Twitter. For those who can’t read it he’s holding a sign that says. “I Do Not Have A Twitter!”

Ben already knows about the fake and is in the process of having it removed.

Jan 07,2011

Fake Twitter Alert!

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It has come to our attention that there is someone impersonating Ben Barnes on Twitter. @barnesbenjamin is a fake. They were tweeting up to an hour ago when we know that Ben should be onstage for Birdsong which should be a huge hint that this is an imposter. As well, we don’t believe Ben would type like a 12 year old (no offense to the 12 year olds out there). Please do not follow or tweet this person. Hopefully, without the attention, this person will give up and go away.

Jan 06,2011

Uinterview with Ben

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Thank you to Ishita for sending us this new interview with Ben courtesy of Uinterview. You can view the video version here

Q: Hey Ben, this is Elena from Binghamton, New York. What was the challenge of working with animals like a lion or a mouse? – Elena Cox
A: Well, I had far fewer this time around of that sort than I did in the last film, ‘Prince Caspian,’ where I spent half the film talking to creatures that weren’t actually there … talking to tennis balls and people in green suits. But they do everything they can on the set to make it feel as real as it possibly can. People spend hours in make up; they build these magnificent sets … so less challenging this time around, definitely.
Q: Thanks, and the special effects were amazing. What was the most difficult scene for you to film? – Elena Cox
A: We spent the last three weeks of the shoot in a massive aircraft-kind-of-sized studio and they rebuilt the boat, which we had on a peninsula with water surrounding us. They took it apart like a jigsaw puzzle and built it again in the studio. We filmed it all in blue screens so watching laser pointers, and sort of following instructions, “Everybody look left!” and everyone would do that, and not quite sure what they’re looking at. And then you finally see it on the screen this golden dragon fighting this scary sea serpent breathing fire and then clawing at each other. It’s very rewarding; it’s amazing what they’ve done in the last year. We would get beaten up even without an enemy though because we were on the deck of this ship and it’d be raining and they’d be throwing waves at us and we’d be falling over and knocking into things all the time even without an enemy to defeat!
Q: Hi Ben, this is Kadeen from New York. Whose idea was it to grow the beard that you have in the movie? – Kadeen Griffiths
A: It was mine! I thought if I played a king, I had to have a beard. Kings have beards, surely kings have beards! Also, we wanted to do something that showed three years have passed in Narnia and only one year in the real world. And because these kids have grown a foot, clearly I can’t grow a foot because I’m knocking 30 so I thought, “Well, but at least I can grow a beard.” You know, I’ve always had one unless I had to shave it for a job.
Q: Thanks! Do you have any new projects planned? – Kadeen Griffiths
A: I’ve finished the film ‘Killing Bono,’ which is a ridiculous ’80s comedy about two brothers who went to school with U2. They tried to be the greatest rock stars … but failed quite spectacularly.
Q: Do you know how Bono feels about that? – Kadeen Griffiths
A: Do you know what? He chose the title, and not only that, he saw the movie last week and he loves it! Yeah, we’re looking forward to everybody else getting to see me try to take down Bono.

Jan 03,2011

Official Killing Bono Site GQ Best Dressed List

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Still trying to upgrade the gallery having trouble though so new theme not up yet.

Ben is 22 on GQ Best Dressed list

Sad news Peter Postlethwaite who stars with Ben in Killing Bono has died read more information about him here.

Official Killing Bono Site here nothing new on it.

Dec 24,2010

Dawn Treader Interviews

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Thank you to Megan for finding most of these videos and posting them in the forum.

Canada AM: Ben Barnes on his latest role Terug naar Narnia

And from YouTube:

Dec 17,2010

Ask Ben a question

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Ask Ben a question here

Dec 13,2010

Vote for Ben, Star Movies Interview

Posted by Tsaress with 2 Comments is asking fans to vote for the 10 Hottest Guys of 2010. Ben is on the list of finalists. Please go vote for him!

You can view a nice long(ish) interview with Ben here:

Dec 12,2010

Q & A, Videos

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Ben Barnes relishes his roles as a leading man [Examiner]
An excerpt from that article:

[Says jokingly] I heard the queen didn’t enjoy the “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” premiere as much as she could have because you weren’t there to greet her.

[He laughs.] Well, I was there at the premiere, and I’ve met her before.

What do you remember about the first time that you met the queen?

It was her 80th birthday party. Prince Edward was a patron of the National Youth Music Theatre, which I used to be in. Jude Law and Jamie Bell also used to be in it too. Prince Edward was the patron, so he asked that company to do a selection of songs at the queen’s 80th birthday while they were having dinner.

And one of the songs they asked me to sing was from a musical called “The Dreaming,” based on “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream,” but it’s the moment when I have love potion put on my eyes. And so I had this love potion put on my eyes, and I’m more kind of lustful, and so I’m singing this song to this girl and chasing her around this stage and ripping my clothes off as I run after her, while the royal family is sitting there eating dinner, looking at me very curiously, like, “What are you doing?” It’s totally out-of-context to the rest of the story, so they must’ve thought I was barking mad. But I did meet her after that.

That’s quite an impression you must’ve left: stripping for the queen. For people who don’t know why you couldn’t meet her at “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” premiere, can you explain why you couldn’t get out of your commitment to “Birdsong”?

I was absolutely gutted that I couldn’t meet her at the premiere, but the decision to do the play was made before the premiere was a Royal Film Performance. I signed on to the play, and I thought, “Well, I’ll just nip away while everyone’s watching the film. No one will notice, because I’m doing the red carpet, I’ll go in, I’ll go out the back, do the play, come back to the premiere, and I won’t let anybody down.” That was my plan. That was my thought process. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been good enough for some critics, but I was just trying to please everybody.

And a few brief interviews posted on YouTube:

Nov 16,2010

ChiswickLifeTV Video

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There’s a brief interview with Ben posted on ChiswickLifeTV’s website. You can watch it below.