Oct 31,2011

Ben Interview and a New Picture from a Old photoshoot

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Unfortanly the first released picture from The Words does not have Ben in it but you can view it here.

Ben recently did a interview with Coming Soon here where he talks about Killing Bono.

CS: What about the performances? Was a lot of that choreographed or did you just let you do your own crazy moves and see what worked?
Barnes: No, all the crazy moves are unfortunately were from my wheelhouse of dance moves. They’re all Ben Barnes originals, which is probably heartbreaking… certainly for me. No, I think one of the reasons I could finally use my terrible dancing for the greater good and make people laugh, but no, I just wanted to be as ridiculous as I could possibly be, because I thought that was one part of the film where I could really go for the goofiness, because he takes it so very seriously, Neil.

A New picture from a old shoot
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